FREE Digital Tours of Eight Canadian Cities


FREE Digital Tours Of Eight Canadian Cities

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My Canada Today in association with Client Scout e-Marketing Agency and Wayne A. Cargill Agency are pleased to announce the crafting and official launch of the Winnipeg marketing platform Winnipeg-MB.Fun. The advent of this Winnipeg marketing platform launch makes it possible for Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax.

The difference between a digital tour and virtual tour is that a virtual tour is 3 dimensional starting at one geographical point and continuously flow to another geographical point with a 360 degree view until it's conclusion, where as a digital tour is 2 dimensional taking portions of the city and reorganizes them in alphabetical order, saving both time and frustration. My-Canada.Today and were crafted with an operating capacity of up to 10,000 individual end-users partaking in FREE Digital Tours of each of the above mentioned cities simultaneously. Which in turn means that up to 80,000 individual end-users are able to partake in FREE Digital Tours across Canada simultaneously. 

Furthermore, the Fast Navigation Menus allow each end-user to customize the FREE Digital Tour they are currently partaking in so they only experience what is relevant to them.These FREE Digital Tours will be focusing on the key target demographic audiences as follows: Car Enthusiasts, Incomers/Newcomers to the city, Individuals seeking quality employment, Post Secondary Students and Tourists/Tourism. My-Canada.Today was crafted to showcase what Canada has to offer to all of the above key target demographic audiences in each of the eight cities mentioned above. 

Once CORVID-19 has passed and it has been deemed safe again, the ban on international travel has been lifted, the boarders are reopened and you are ready to travel, Canada will be ready to receive you safely. 

Until then, partake in FREE Digital Tours and experience Canada from the safety of your homes.

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